Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Tis The Season" For Overcoming Our Families Critical Opinions Of How We Raise Our Children!

This is the time of year when we see extended family and friends at gatherings. Though there are many wonderful conversations, oftentimes, if you are new to homeschooling the conversation can steer in a direction that can make you feel defensive and on edge. It begins with a simple question and before you know it you are being inundated from a variety of well-meaning individuals. The purpose of today's article is to help you have a plan in place.

What are Typical Questions? Well, it varies from home to home. Here are a few....,

What about socialization?
How will your child get into college?

Aren’t you afraid that your children will miss out?

How do you plan to be their teacher when you didn’t go to school to be one?
“Don’t you know what prevents that”? (When you share that you're having another baby)

How do we get through these uncomfortable situations? Here are some tips that have worked well for many families:

1- Be Prepared! A valuable tool is our Complimentary, "Welcome To Homeschooling Guide". It is filled with information as well as, resources and links.

2- Be in unity with your spouse. Make sure you both are on the same page with how you are going to respond. Make sure you both have the same answers so you present a unified front.

3- Prepare Your Children. For example you can say, “When Aunt Sally asks you how you like homeschooling what would you say”? If she tells you that she doesn’t like it, ask her why and work that out before you ever arrive.

Let me leave you with two powerful tips that I have found work exceptionally well when it comes to effective communication!

#1- Is called the "Feel/Felt/Found” Approach.

What a great question. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way when we first began homeschooling, but let me tell you what I have found to be true.

#2 If the question is inappropriate or rude. (Don’t you know what causes pregnancy)

Wow, you took me off guard. I can tell by the question (or tone of whatever) that you disagree with our choice. I hate that, because I love you and value your thoughts and opinions. I'm so sorry, but I'd like to change the subject. (said with a sincere smile as you rise above their bad behavior)

So, how do you overcome your families critical questions about how you raise your children? You rise above those who just don't know any different, and look at their questions as opportunities to inform, educate, equip and encourage.

Remember you are AMAZING and STRONG moms and dads who are bravely stepping out of the "norm"! Stand FIRM, Stand PROUD and don't let anyone sway your decisions!

Now it’s YOUR turn. What type of questions have you been asked and how have you responded? Do you have a plan in place this year?

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  1. I grew up in a homeschool family so there are no questions on that side. On my husband's side there used to be some questions, but time has proven that we and the kids are doing just fine. There isn't too much they can say without being too offensive since I was homeschooled.

    I do remember as a child my paternal grandmother used to always ask me "don't you WANT to go to school?" and other questions of the sort.

    For me personally, when people ask about our kids homeschooling and I tell them I homeschooled that usually keeps them quiet. Either they think that I turned out ok or that being a weirdo is ingrained into me so they might as well not bother! :)


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