Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lapbooking samples.

Have you ever made a lapbook? Lapbooking is a lot of fun. We have made them on and off since my son was in preschool. It is a fun way to sharing what you have learned. I need to make one with my daughter and my youngest son. I love how easy it is to make them. Choose a theme or a book, make mini books from different websites that share free templets and even take pictures.  I like to take a group of pictures and put them on a word doc and print them out on paper, instead of actual pictures. I can make them smaller and it is cheaper that way. You can make a vocabulary booklets, spelling booklets, math booklets, map booklets the list is endless.  Here are some pictures of some lapbooks we have done. One is about apples and one is about the book Swiss Family Robinson.