Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where we went for help with syllables/segmenting.

This past week, Biggun (13 years old) had an activity in his PACE Word Building that he had to do Syllables/ Segmenting .  He had trouble with it. I am not sure why but he does. We tried all kinds of activities. From clapping the words out to hitting the table to the words. For some reason it was not clicking.  I went on a hunt to find some extra practice and found some on  I love that I can upload his words from his PACE Word Building book onto SpellingCity then he can play games with those words.  One of the games is a syllables/segmenting game. That was exactly what he needed.  I also found a syllable lesson on Where Vocabulary Can Be Fun! I had Biggun watch that lesson. Along with syllables pattern lesson on Learning Games For Kids.  I am so impressed on how quickly Biggun caught on to this after doing these simple things.  Sometimes what Mom says is not enough.  I am okay with saying that.  Sometimes it takes hearing the same thing from somewhere else before my own child will accept it.  One of the best parts about homeschooling is the ability to use any and all resources I need to teach with.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Creative Writing

Does your child issues with writing? If you have read this blog any in the past year, then you know my son HATES to do any writing.  I was amazed when his co-op teacher got him to write when I could not get him to.  That got me to thinking. Maybe he needs a creative writing tutor. There are many benefits to having a writing tutor. To me as a mom the number one reason is someone else is giving the assignments and that person is the one who my son would be trying to impress with his work.  Sometimes this is is all a child needs. That was all my son needed during co-op.  He so did not want to disappoint Mrs. B.  A writing tutor could come in handy as you prepare SAT's and the SAT writing portion.  If you choose to use a writing tutor from an online source or a person who you see weekly.  I think a writing tutor could be a great investment if you child hates writing as much as my son does.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Let's Talk Spelling!

  • How many of you use a spelling curriculum?
  • How long do you use a spelling curriculum?
  • Do you stop "spelling" when you reach Highschool?
  • Do you stop "spelling" when you reach Middle School Grades?
We all know the importance of spelling.  Spelling is very important to learning to read.  Not to mention that you and your child will not always have spell check.  I know we live in a world of technology and yes spell check is on almost everything. It is even on this blog layout that I use.  If you don't learn to spell correctly you might also not use the correct usage of a word. 

I am amazed when I hear parents stopped teaching spelling after elementary. Spelling is so important to help each child through their SAT writing portion. Usually SAT is taken in late middle school or early highschool.  SAT test do not have spell check.  One of the things our children are graded on in the essay portion is spelling and correct usage of the words. Along with a lot of other factors.  

Don't stop teaching spelling! It is more important then any of us really know.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

We have come a long way!!!

We have come a long way with my son. He has always shown signs of dyslexia. Homsechool dyslexia is easier to dealing with then it is in public school in our personal opinion.  We have been able to slow down and go at my son's speed. Instead of at the pace of a full class.  This has been very good for my son. At one point he was ready to totally give up. Specially when one of his public school friends picked on him and that just brought his self-esteem way down. It took me almost a whole year to build it back up.

He shocked all of us one day, including himself when he read a long set of bible verses out loud. With out one stutter or slow down.  He was so happy. Then he spent the night with one of his best friends Camo Boy, who is homeschooled and is a decent reader, before they where to go to sleep that night at the sleep over, Biggun asked Camo Boy to read out loud of his book he was reading. Yes, my 13 year old asked another 13 year old to read out loud. How cool is that Camo Boy obliged and did just that. Can you tell my son's homeschool learning style is mainly audible.  Needless to say the next day my own son came home from the sleep over begging me to take him to the library to get the first book in the series. These are not small books either.  If you are wondering the first book is Peter Pan and the Star Catchers by Dave Barry.  

Again we have come a long way. I am so proud of my son. Not just in his reading but by surrounding himself with people who will help build him up instead of knock him down.