Thursday, August 29, 2013

Teacher Resources

Where do you find your teacher resources?
Do you do web searches or do you have some bookmarked? 
Do you go to homeschool forum to find them? 

I am finding more and more luck on Pinterest!

Friday, August 23, 2013

School at Night!

We have successfully finished a week of school. Granted our week started off on the strange side. We had to do school work 3 NIGHTS in a row.  Another reason I like homeschooling. My Granny is in the hospital and I was needed at the hospital during the day. That only left night time to do school. My kids rolled with the punches pretty good and did a great job schooling at night.

One of the new things my oldest is doing with his school this year is writing assignments due every week instead of once in a while. This week he has to turn in a 5 paragraph paper on a time when either he was prejudice against someone or someone was prejudice against him. If this assigning something once a week does not work well for him, then we will look into an online writing curriculum.

We also added video response to our school work. Since he hates to write and we already have one subject that is asking for writing assignments, we decided to use public speaking instead of writing. This means he has to record himself stating the answer (or what he would have written) to the question or topic that was asked. I am very proud of his his first attempt. He had to tell someone about Christ without using the actual scriptures to do it. He could mention parts of scripture but he could not recite the scripture with the address.  I wish I had a way to upload it so you could hear it. But it was pretty cool. He did great. 

As for the littles, they did good with school this week. Still working on a routine for them but I know it will work itself out. Their favorite part is

Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013-2014 School Year!

Got our year planned out for my kids... I think. ((big smile)) We are using a lot of different stuff this year.  From books to online activities.

My oldest Freshman (9th) is using ....

Exploring America by Notgrass for
Writing for vocabulary and spelling test online

Keys to Algebra for

God's Design for Life

We might add on a class from Time4Learning Highschool.

My 1st Grader is using... K-first grade homeschool online level everything.
Complete math for 1st grade work book
All About Reading Level 1
Today Is notebook
Lots of Dry Erase Sheets - practice practice practice

Reading LOTS of books Out Loud!

My PreK-5 is using for K level everything
Complete math for K grade work book
All About Reading Level 1
Today Is notebook
Lots of Dry Erase Sheets - practice practice practice
Reading LOTS of books Out Loud!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lunch and the New School Year

A lot of people are getting ready to restart their school year. In doing that, we don't just think of school supplies and clothing but some homeschool mom's will think of new items to have for lunch and snack for the new school year. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for lunch and snack.  Some mom's will go as far as trying to make a few lunches or snacks that will go with the subjects that are being studied. Food chains that work together. Here are some great ideas that I found...

Personalized taco salads using fun size doritos -- really awesome camping idea, make toppings ahead, store in tupperware. Why didn't I think of that!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grade Level


 After 8 long years of having as son who shows signs of being dyslexic. We can not afford to get our son professionally checked. It is not offered by the public school system either in our area with out going through all kinds of other type of "Label" studies. So we have adjusted our teaching to homeschool dyslexia. This has not been to hard since we used on and off over the years and we have our son say out loud all words he is reading and writing. This was a trick we picked up from a friend who said if you read it, say it and write it, you have it going to the brain correctly 3 different ways. That and constantly telling our son to slow down. 

But back to our celebration YIPEE!!!

After 8 long years of struggling. My son tested this school year at 
GRADE LEVEL reading and reading comprehension!!! 

Happy Dance!!!

I am so proud of him and all his hard work.