Sunday, January 27, 2013

My littles are growing up to fast....

Okay I have littles that aren't so little. My daughter is doing kindergartner work and my youngest son is doing Preschool work. We use all kinds of things like manipulative, magnets, books but their favorite is  doing the preschool and kindergarten levels.  I am amazed at how well they picked up using the mouse and even the touch pad on laptop.

Yes that is my kindergartner doing her using a touchpad on a laptop. 

As you can see we do school everywhere. Yes that is my preschooler doing time4preschool  in a chair with a ball mouse. He amazes me. 

My favorite part is that there is printable worksheets that go with their lessons. How cool is that? Do you use 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Daddy and Preschool

You read the title correct. My husband has really jumped in (homeschooling) this go round with our youngest.  Each night or afternoon my husband comes home from work and Moose always ask "Is it school time Daddy?" Even before he puts his stuff down. It is a joy to my heart to see my son want to spend that special time with his Daddy.

Moose would rather do his with his daddy then me. I am okay with that due to I have my hands full teaching the other two. I am glad that Daddy has jumped in and taken a larger roll in schooling our children. Even if it is just doing computer preschool.  I am going introduce some preschool games online soon. Just have to show Daddy how to get to them. Specially if Moose has trouble with a concept such as letters he can play preschool games for more reinforcement.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

No Voice....

As a homeschool mom, the teacher, what do you do when you get laryngitis? You know you can't speak. Not even a whisper can be understood. So what do I do? This is the  dilemma for tomorrow school and for my part time job also.  I think I figured out what to do for our homeschool tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will write out what I want my 13 year old to do. Also I will write out what I want my 5 year old to do. I will incorporate my 13 year old to help my 5 year old. By having him help her with her homeschool online kindergarten.   That will help my 13 year old also in the long run.  Maybe even have part of our school be my 13 year old read some books to my littles.  That will help his fluency and my littles to work on listening to my 13 year old.  

So what do you do when you are beyond sick. With something like Laryngitis? 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Semester and Writing!

Starting a new semester you might find that you need a little help with writing? Okay let me be fair and honest, I ALWAYS need help with getting my kid to write. How many of you out there have the same problem? I know there are more like me then we all realize.  I praying my younger ones growing up will both like reading and writing (math, too)

Have you looked into homeschool writing courses? They can be hard to find. Some are in book form like One Year Adventure Novel. That is great but would scare my kid to death. Why because it says novel in the title.  Add to that he knows that a novel is a book and that means instead of me just asking him to write a paragraph he would be asked to write a whole book.

AAAAHHHHHHH that would be  scary to him.

Not saying that One Year Adventure Novel is not a great curriculum. As I know many who have used it and it has totally changed their child's way of thinking when it comes to writing but for me, I personally can not get my child motivated to write anything. I need someone else to teach him writing or assign him a writing assignment and him have to turn it in to them. Last year he took a writing class in co-op.  That was great he wrote for someone else and sorta had fun, I guess. He did not hate me at the end of the semester.

This semester since he has his own computer I might ask my husband if we can sign him up for See how having an online teacher one on one would work. Who knows he might like it. (Big Smile Here with Fingers Crossed)