Sunday, January 20, 2013

Daddy and Preschool

You read the title correct. My husband has really jumped in (homeschooling) this go round with our youngest.  Each night or afternoon my husband comes home from work and Moose always ask "Is it school time Daddy?" Even before he puts his stuff down. It is a joy to my heart to see my son want to spend that special time with his Daddy.

Moose would rather do his with his daddy then me. I am okay with that due to I have my hands full teaching the other two. I am glad that Daddy has jumped in and taken a larger roll in schooling our children. Even if it is just doing computer preschool.  I am going introduce some preschool games online soon. Just have to show Daddy how to get to them. Specially if Moose has trouble with a concept such as letters he can play preschool games for more reinforcement.

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