Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Heart & Soul of Home-School-Online.com

We thought you might like to know more about the women who bring you the great homeschooling insights each and every day found on our blog, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Our esteemed crew includes:

Brandy Strouse is a homeschool mom to 3 kids and has been homeschooling since 2003. She uses the "whatever works" method of homeschooling, sometimes called eclectic. She homeschools to her child's individual needs.  She writes a personal blog In Training for HIM She also moderates forums for Pinellas Parent Educators Association and Time4Learning.net. When she is not teaching, blogging or moderating forums she is a part time office manager for a local marble restoration company.

Kelly Stone is a homeschooling mom for
6 kids that span an age range of 21 years.
Her youngest son has Down syndrome
and 2 of her eldest have graduated from
homeschool. One earned a college degree
in Computer Electronics and the other is
studying business in college. She is owner
of The Swap.com, the oldest curriculum swap
site on the Internet and on the governing board
of Mid-Columbia Christian Home School Co-op.
In addition to her administrative duties for this
group she writes and publishes the monthly
newsletter and maintains the group website.
In her spare time she teaches classes in
journalism and literature for this group.
Kelly is a freelance writer for Time4Learning,
an online homeschooling curriculum.

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