Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Being Prepared Can Make Or Break Your Homeschool Program!

This article is going out the day before Thanksgiving. I am sure that most of you, like me, are busy preparing for family, feasting and fellowship. I know that in order to have a stress free, fun-filled, memory-making Thanksgiving day celebration, I MUST prepare. To just wake up Thanksgiving day without a plan would lead to frustrations, delays and disappointments.

This week I’ve made out my menu and turned that into a shopping list. We’ve been doing extra projects around the house to make sure the house is in tip-top shape. My family and I have been purposeful in sharing those things we are most thankful for, and today I even bought an air filter that makes the whole house smell like pumpkin pie.

I was thinking about all the time we invest in this one day, and then imagined what our homeschools, our lives, would look like if we were to prepare this well every single day? As homeschooling parents we, more than ever, need to make sure that we have a plan in place.

I personally go away every June to a riverhouse retreat with other moms to plan out my year. But that is the big picture. I take time to read through what my boys are going to be learning, to pray and to process, but that alone is not enough. Being prepared, means being purposeful on a day to day basis.

Today's article is specifically to share tips and idea's to help you have a plan in place so you can have the best school year EVER!

1- Check out Time4Learning’s Homeschool Resource pages. They are filled with information and idea’s to help you have the best year ever. If you are looking for tips and idea’s, this is a great place to gather your information.

2- Visit our parent forums and gather idea’s from other moms who are on the very same journey. Some of my best experiences were given to me by someone else. I just had to take it and tweak it to make it fit our home, our homeschool.

3- Make sure you are signed up to receive Time4Learning's FREE newsletter. It comes right to you! The more resources you have, the more success you will experience.

4- Lastly, if you've not had a chance yet to check out our lesson plans then take sometime to browse through and add your own personal touch.

As you peel those potato’s, baste that turkey, stir that gravy, I pray that you and your family have an amazing day filled with forever memories!

Why don't you grab a cup of coffee and take a time-out from all the cooking and cleaning you are probably doing today to share with us ways "you" prepare for a successful school year!

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