Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day Activities for Homeschoolers

Once in awhile, our family takes the day off from our online homeschool lessons to recognize special days. As I type this, my children are busily crafting their versions of the American flag with markers, glue, and construction paper. The kids look forward to the variety these types of activities provide. They approach all of our annual observances with an attitude of fun. They don't care that I mark it down as an educational "enrichment activity", so please don't spill the beans!

How do you observe Veterans Day? Our newspaper printed a big, two-page flag for families like us, who have neglected to purchase the real deal, to tape on our front door. We made thank you cards and we've been practicing a couple of patriotic songs to sing during our homeschool co-op's visit to the Veterans' Home later this afternoon. Our small town's Veterans Day parade has not been as well attended by the community as other local parades (the ones where clowns throw candy from the floats). Because of this, our entire co-op is heading downtown to show our support by at least being spectators.

If you don't belong to an enthusiastic homeschool co-op, how can you make Veterans Day meaningful to your kids? Here are a few ideas.
  • Read about the history of the American flag.
  • Make paper flags.
  • Learn how to make a five-pointed star with just one scissor cut. (Google it.)
  • Learn a patriotic song or two.
  • Telephone a veteran in your extended family.
  • Visit a veteran. Does he/she have any memorabilia to share? I'll bet they at least have stories to tell.
  • Do an Internet search for some patriotic coloring sheets.
  • Get the kids looking in closets and drawers for red, white, and blue things to wear.
  • Find some appropriate Veterans Day videos on YouTube to show your children.
  • Take a drive downtown to count how many flags are displayed.

Are you doing anything special for Veterans Day? Use the Comments area below to shout out to a veteran today!

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