Friday, November 27, 2009

Military Families, Our Silent Soldiers!

I hope that each and everyone of you had an incredible Thanksgiving filled with family, fun, fellowship and festivities! I am actually writing this on Thanksgiving day. I've been cooking up a storm and needed to recharge my batteries. Believe it or not, sitting down at my little iMac and typing out my thoughts on a certain subject can be very therapeutic.

Today I am thinking of a dear friend whose husband is serving our country over in Afghanistan. He’s been deployed for almost a full year and she is at home selflessly taking care of their home, their children, their responsibilities without ever drawing attention to herself. I am constantly in “awe” of her quiet dignity. She is amazing and STRONG!

I know that there must be others in our Time4Learning family who are in the same boat. I want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you AND your soldier. Thank you for keeping us safe, for fighting for those freedoms that would be so easy to take for granted, such as homeschooling, freedom of speech, etc.., I hope that you have good friends and family who are taking you in today and loving on you.

My hope is that Time4Learning might be playing some small part in making your life easier. We know that when one spouse is holding down the fort that there is an incredible amount of responsibility involved. Our goal here at Time4Learning is that you can simply login and do the work. No details, no record keeping, no lesson planning! (unless you want to add things in for fun) Our computer based record keeping allows you to invest your valuable time doing things that might otherwise get pushed away.

Whether you are a military family, a civilian family, a single parent or a working family, you may want to take a peek at our homeschool resource page put together to help you have the best homeschool experience possible! Time4Learning believes that parents don’t have to work harder, they can simply work smarter. Let us do the busy work! Your time can be invested in teaching your children about the world around them, snuggling on the couch to read a loud or going on field trips.

If your family serves our country via the military would you take a second and introduce yourself? Let us honor and get to know you......, Remember, "We’re Better Together"!

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