Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Crazy Homeschool Morning.

School in our house can look crazy sometimes. I have one kid (3) running up and down the hall in a diaper while I have another at the table (5) who is going right along with her school and all of a sudden she has a I can't attitude and another (13) who is doing his co-op homework and struggling  with his spelling. He keeps asking me to spell words for him. I am having him sound them out as we go but I am realizing we need to use more then we have been. I am going to need to do some spelling test online. Just to double check what he needs to work on.

What do you do for spelling? Do use a computer program, writing program, or just go with the flow?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Writing is one of my son's most hated things to do.  As most kids are like this. We are taking a sentence to sentence class at co-op but to prepare for it Biggun is working on Which Word Sentences  at  We have looked over this whole set of lessons and it is great that it is also helping him in his geography class. They have games like 10 largest US Cities and 10 Largest States.

What a great way to help my son with his sentence class at co-op but also his geography class.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Teacher Resources on

I can not believe how many teacher resources are out there.  Some are mark teachers and not homeschoolers but it is very easy to turn most classroom resources into homeschool resources.

One of my favorite resources to use is

Some of my favorite resources from the Language Arts Lessons are 

Some of my favorite resources from the Useful Word List are
Some of my favorite resources from the Articles are
Some of my favorite resources from Help and Information 

Those are some of my favorites from what are some of your?