Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Homeschool Blog Carnival

Don't miss this homeschool blog carnival! See how parents use the countdown to Christmas to hone math skills; deal with a horrible, monstrous, disastrous day; use a curriculum based on Legos; save time and money with "stashes"; and much more!

Practice, Practice,Practice.

I am always looking for practice, practice, practice for my kids. To the point that some times my kids get upset w/ me, "Do we have to do more practice?" Sometimes I feel that I over do it but I want to make sure they get it and it is in their heads. Right now we are big on English practice sheets.   Have you seen some of these great practice sheets you can use off of Spellingcity.com?

Working on the computer is easier sometimes to do practice then to actually do it on paper. This is our way of trying to change up the pace. How do you change up the pace when you want your children to practice, practice, practice?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Can you homeschool highschool?

Yes we are doing 8th grade next year but high school is around the corner.   My oldest is to graduate in in 2016. I do plan on highschool homeschooling.  I know this might sound strange to some people, my family especially, but with all the extra help out there either on line, in co-ops, with friends who have friends who have kids in high school.  I think we can do it. Can I homeschool during high school.

Check out these forums that will help you answer questions or even give you some ideas on what do you can do 

Tens of thousands of homeschool graduates are at this very moment:

  • going to college
  • working as engineers, teachers, veterinarians, commercial pilots
  • volunteering as English language teachers in India
  • serving in the Navy
  • writing books
  • starting their own computer repair business
  • saving whales
  • serving as missionaries in Honduras
  • and even homeschooling their OWN children!  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Homeschool High School LIVE Chat!

Interested in homeschooling for high school? Head over to the Let's Homeschool High School Facebook page TODAY to join the LIVE chat at 3pm EST/2pm CST/1pm MST/12pm PST. Just click on "Live Chat", near the top of the page.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Writing and teens who HATE it!

I have always fought with my teen on writing so much over the years I am exhausted and I still have at least 5 years left with this subject. I have been blessed to have a great co-op class teacher who is taught by Mrs Betty over from Little Farm in Big City.

Yes she graduated her daughter through homeschool last year! 

She has been great in helping and being patient with him. My favorite part is she makes it more fun then I could ever even think to.  She even told her students they could write their sentences or paragraphs on chocolate if they wanted to. The funny thing is she had someone actually do it. :^) She is making it fun to learn the paragraph writing. I would love to have a writing tutor, Maybe in the future!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ask a Homeschooler!

Have you ever had a question that you wanted to ask a homeschool graduate, or a student who is currently homeschooled? Now there is a place you can do just that! Stop by and ask your questions. They will be answered promptly.

Ask a Homeschooler

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finding that routine, sometimes is really hard.....

No matter if you are a home with one mom and three kids, your home might be one mom and 10 kids or even one mom and 1 kid.  No matter what you have some days are good and other days are not so good.  It does not matter if you homeschool or send your kids to school.  Life can be over powering some times. For now lets talk about homeschooling.  Being a mom of 3 with two that are homeschooling this year and one preschooler, my world has been very crazy in the morning. Everyone wants a piece of me. Of course all at the SAME time. My 13 year old still needs me to help him with his reading, so that he can get his answer right in some subjects. My 5 year old is learning everything so she needs my help with everything. My preschooler just wants to be in the middle of everything. I try to keep him busy with activities but sometimes it is just not enough. I am thankful for when I can send one of my kids to the computer to work on either time4learning.com or even math games that my kids really need the extra help on.  Until we get into a routine I live for the end of our school day. When all is done and I can sit and try to relax before I have to work on dinner, house and work.

What is your routine? I would LOVE to hear how your day goes. Any extra help is always welcome. What do you do w/ your preschooler? How are you in 3 or 4 places at a time? Share please.