Sunday, January 13, 2013

No Voice....

As a homeschool mom, the teacher, what do you do when you get laryngitis? You know you can't speak. Not even a whisper can be understood. So what do I do? This is the  dilemma for tomorrow school and for my part time job also.  I think I figured out what to do for our homeschool tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will write out what I want my 13 year old to do. Also I will write out what I want my 5 year old to do. I will incorporate my 13 year old to help my 5 year old. By having him help her with her homeschool online kindergarten.   That will help my 13 year old also in the long run.  Maybe even have part of our school be my 13 year old read some books to my littles.  That will help his fluency and my littles to work on listening to my 13 year old.  

So what do you do when you are beyond sick. With something like Laryngitis? 

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