Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grade Level


 After 8 long years of having as son who shows signs of being dyslexic. We can not afford to get our son professionally checked. It is not offered by the public school system either in our area with out going through all kinds of other type of "Label" studies. So we have adjusted our teaching to homeschool dyslexia. This has not been to hard since we used on and off over the years and we have our son say out loud all words he is reading and writing. This was a trick we picked up from a friend who said if you read it, say it and write it, you have it going to the brain correctly 3 different ways. That and constantly telling our son to slow down. 

But back to our celebration YIPEE!!!

After 8 long years of struggling. My son tested this school year at 
GRADE LEVEL reading and reading comprehension!!! 

Happy Dance!!!

I am so proud of him and all his hard work. 

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