Saturday, February 16, 2013

Creative Writing

Does your child issues with writing? If you have read this blog any in the past year, then you know my son HATES to do any writing.  I was amazed when his co-op teacher got him to write when I could not get him to.  That got me to thinking. Maybe he needs a creative writing tutor. There are many benefits to having a writing tutor. To me as a mom the number one reason is someone else is giving the assignments and that person is the one who my son would be trying to impress with his work.  Sometimes this is is all a child needs. That was all my son needed during co-op.  He so did not want to disappoint Mrs. B.  A writing tutor could come in handy as you prepare SAT's and the SAT writing portion.  If you choose to use a writing tutor from an online source or a person who you see weekly.  I think a writing tutor could be a great investment if you child hates writing as much as my son does.

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