Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Take My Cup And Fill It Up!

Take My Cup And Fill It Up!

After months of serving outside my home I am taking a much needed break to pull “in” and fill my cup. It’s hard to explain what that means because my cup truly is filled when I am able to serve outside my home as well? What I am learning is that my life has a rhythm that I have to be very aware of. Too much downtime depletes my energy and makes me lazy, but too much time outside my home can do the very same thing.

Right now, I am enjoying the holidays as I pull in to spend time with my family and focus on my Savior. Last night was a precious and perfect example of how I fill my cup. We put our Christmas tree up while Avalon blared Christmas music through our house. I was cooking fajita’s and the smell of sauteed onions and green peppers mingled with my evergreen candles. I heard my boys engaged in laughter as they worked together to put the tree in place. My heart was so full I thought it would burst.

I find I am also enjoying pulling in to re-evaluate my homeschool program. The year is half over and I start to get excited about tweaking and making basic changes for January when we charge out of the gate. My core program remains the same, Time4Learning, but I have found myself deeply researching lapbooking. (though, I've tried it many times over the past 12 years I feel like my kids are older and I can do it now) I've been scouring the Time4Learning resource pages and checking out the lesson plans. We've been visitng our library and checking out Christmas books to read. I am truly enjoying slowing down from life to fill my cup, fill it UP to overflowing.

I am beginning to see the rhythm of my life. I have come to realize that “spurts” are a good thing for me. I finally get that my personality does better with “spurts”, whereas, I have friends who need daily balance. Neither is better or worse, right or wrong. It’s finding out who you are and then engaging it without apology.

It’s funny that I always worry that I’m not home enough during my busy season and then in "down time" I feel like I am home too much. Anyone else ever struggle with that? Balance is such an elusive creature. I know that it doesn't come naturally, I have to be thoughtful and purposeful. I have to pray and ponder. Seeking balance is a deeply personal journey that draws my heart closer to my God.

This holiday season how are you taking time to fill your cup? Please share at least one thing you do to fill your cup when life doesn't seem quite as busy. Remember "We're Better Together"!

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