Friday, December 18, 2009

New Years Resolutions, Pulling It All Together!

What a FUN week we’ve had dreaming together as we set our New Years Resolutions. Truthfully, we are still refining and defining some of the things on our list, but mostly we have the big ones taken care of. What are the things that we want to accomplish in the next six months? What are the things we need to take off our plates to make room for those things that are most important? Rather than going through all of our goals I will touch on “general” goals.

Letting Go:

1- Let go of teaching at our homeschool co-op. Though this saddens me in some ways it truly FREES me up greatly time wise.

2- Cut back on my outside writing projects.

3- Letting go of too many girlfriend outings. (smile)

I am going to be very busy preparing for my last six months homeschooling my oldest son. We have senior pictures, Senior Banquet, Senior high prom and Grad Bash Universal studio's ahead. These things will keep us busy, busy, busy.


1- Read through the books Hosea and Acts as a family.
2- Memorize One verse per month as a family.
3- Work on one biblical character trait per month.


1- Workout with husband three days a week with a simple 30 minute plan.
2- Stay with Weight Watchers and begin cooking healthier for my family.
3- Consistently take a liquid potassium supplement and Omega three.


1- Travel once a month to meet with a mentor who has taken me under her wing.
2- Decrease T.V. and Video games.
3- Read more christian self improvement books.


1- Embracing the freedom of Eclectic Homeschooling!
2- Doing Time4Writing with my 13 year old son.
3- Using the library two times a week for our Time4Learning lessons.

I am very excited about using the library for our Time4learning. Our city just renovated our old library so that it is state of the art with brand new computers and starbucks coffee! I thought we would shake things up and add a little fun to our schedule.

Has anyone else started working on those goals for New Years?

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