Monday, December 7, 2009

Mixing and Matching Curriculum

One thing about homeschoolers that always stays the same is that they never stay the same!  The very nature of homeschooling is flexibility.  We like to tweak, freelance, imagine, improvise, and discover new and better ways of learning.  Call it fickle, if you like, but one of the most rewarding parts of homeschooling is its variability.

If one method isn’t working for a child, we use our creativity to find another solution.  If one child has a different learning style, we adapt our teaching and materials to match their best mode of learning.  If one curriculum isn’t meeting our needs, we try out other programs.

Many homeschoolers would, in fact, categorize their homeschooling style as “eclectic.”  By that, they usually mean that they pick and choose from a variety of materials, styles, and homeschooling resources to create a mix-and-match approach that works for their family.  Eclectic homeschoolers might combine classical materials with unit studies, faith-based curriculum with secular curriculum, Charlotte Mason with traditional boxed curriculum.

Many homeschoolers also see the need to emphasize some sort of technology into their home education.  In a world where most future jobs, college experiences, and daily life will be seamlessly intertwined with technology, parents want to prepare their kids for the digital age.  That is one reason why Time4Learning™ is becoming such a popular homeschool curriculum.

Besides providing kids with valuable computer skills, it is also flexible enough to  be used as a core curriculum or as a supplement to other programs.  Many Time4Learning subscribers combine T4L with programs such as: Charlotte Mason, Singapore Math, Saxon Math, Abeka, Five in a Row, Sonlight, and BJU Press in order to find just the right combination of materials for their children.

And then, if one of those don’t work, they might try a completely different combo. After all, it is a homeschoolers prerogative to change his or her mind!!

What about you…what curricula do you mix and match to create a complete program for your homeschoolers?

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