Friday, October 9, 2009

Where In The World Are You??

Occasionally, homeschooling is lonely business.  Oh, I know…we take our kids to umpteen activities, co-ops, and sporting events, but in the end, we moms and dads can still feel a little isolated.  Even if we have regular conversations with other homeschooling parents, we still sometimes long for a talk with someone who knows “just what we’re going through.”

That’s why one of my very favorite locations at Time4Learning is the Time4Learning Parents Map

parents map

The parents map is a place where T4L members can put a virtual “push pin” in their location on the world map.  There are bunches of adorable personalized push pins to choose from, so you can show off your personality. 

The advantage of doing this, is that you will find yourself surprised by how many T4L’ers there are - - right within driving distance of you!!  I’ve often thought it would be a hoot to organize a regional Time4Learning family picnic, and send out invites to each of the T4L subscribers from my region of the Parents Map!!

So, as a fun project for today…why don’t we do an experiment?  How about, in the comments section of the blog, or in the Facebook comments, you simply add your city and state?  THEN head over to the Parents Map, and add yourself there, as well.  Over the weekend, let’s all check back on both the comments and the map and see how many of us are within driving distance of each other. 

From there, I’ll leave it to you.  Want to organize a MeetUp?  Maybe there will be enough of you in your local area to even begin a small support group, a book club, or a coffee club!!  At the very least, you can become “Facebook Friends” and have an easy way to keep in touch and share homeschooling stories and T4L tips! 

Sounds like a fun way to meet some great homeschooling moms and dads!  I can’t wait to see how many of you are close-by!!

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