Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to Homeschool

Gotcha! You didn't really think I would try to give you one step-by-step method that would work for everyone, did you?

On the Time4Learning Parent Forum, each week seems to bring a new member who wants to know if they are going about homeschooling in the correct way. We don't mind a bit! That's one of the purposes of the Parent Forum, and other members usually jump right in to assure the new person that they're doing just fine.

If you care enough to have clicked on this article, chances are you are doing fine, too!

Of course, you will want to begin by making sure you are following the homeschool laws in your state. One place to get clarification of these laws is from the State-by-State Homeschooling Parent Support Groups. There, you will be able to ask questions of experienced homeschool parents in your own state. Each state has its own regulations, and finding out what others do to fulfill requirements can help you make your own decisions.

Before you can educate your child, you might feel that you need a little education yourself. If you are confused about various homeschool methods, where to find resources, or other questions new homeschoolers often have, a good place to begin is the free Time4Learning Welcome to Homeschooling Guide.

Beyond following the law and knowing your options, it's up to you! Textbooks, workbooks, or online lessons? Boxed curriculum or unit study? Borrowed, purchased, or homemade? Individual study paths or family learning? Rigid schedule or unschooling? You will find people who swear by all of the above, and you will soon have your own opinions about what works best in your situation.

Experienced homeschoolers, what one piece of advice would you give a newcomer? New homeschoolers, feel free to ask your questions here. Experienced or not, we all grow by sharing, and our children will benefit in the end!

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