Thursday, October 15, 2009

Technology! Computers Are The Wave Of The Future!

The Apple Store

Today was an exciting day around our house. My husband had the day off and we spent it welcoming a new chapter into our lives. The I-Phone! We woke bright and early to two cups of steaming coffee, excitedly planning out our agenda for the day. We didn’t have long to linger as we needed to meet for a private appointment with our Apple sales associate at 10 a.m. Oh, be still my heart. I had been waiting for this day for months.

You see, my I-Phone was my newest little family member. She is white and wears a cute little pink raincoat called a silicone sleeve, and she’s all mine. When my husband and I brought her home all of our children gathered around to meet her. We've named her Precious. (teasing grin)

As I was sitting here tonight thinking back on the events of the day. I smiled as I remembered walking through my front door this afternoon. My children practically ran me over in their attempt to see who could hold the new gadget first. The boys were so sweet and couldn’t wait to help “mom” figure out all the bells and whistles. (Honestly, it’s embarrassing how technically deficient I am).

It made me reflect back to “2007” when I first began my journey with Time4Learning. After almost ten years of homeschooling the old fashioned way....., Paper, pencil, lesson plans, supplies, projects, you name it. This (computer based learning) seemed too good to be true. Oh sure, I LOVED our first day, first week, first month, but then, I remember the fear beginning to set in. What if I was doing my children a disservice because we weren’t doing enough BOOK WORK?!?! (eek) It just seemed too easy.

Would they get into college if we didn’t do notebooking on a daily basis? Would they be scholarly enough if we didn’t read a loud from 17 different works of literature everyday? Would they remember the parts of the body if we didn’t add hands on activities, such as building life sized paper mache‘ ears? I laugh now as I remember flooding the message boards every few weeks looking for reassurance. (Thank you Kelly)

Isn’t it funny what a little time can do to change your perspective? As I looked at all of my amazing young men eagerly gawking at our newest little computer, I realized how much I’ve changed my thinking over the past 2 1/2 years. Now I tell everyone I know how important I believe computer based learning to be. I truly believe that we MUST teach our children how to thrive in the world of technology. Yes, we still do penmenship and read great books together, but my children are learning how to become independent thinkers and workers as they proudly accomplish their on-line learning each day.

As I lovingly look over at my pretty little I-phone snug and secure in her docking station I have a huge smile on my face. I see our world changing and I know that time4Learning has made my children more confident and comfortable with technology. Because of working on their on-line lessons everyday they have become strong learners in this new land of keyboards and monitors.

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