Thursday, October 29, 2009

Are You Part Of A Homeschool Support Group?

Last Friday our homeschool support group hosted a Highschool “Hoe Down” dance for our highschool aged students. There was square dancing, line dancing, fried chicken, iced tea and almost 70 highschool kids having the time of their lives! The previous Monday our support group hosted a field trip to Thomas Edison’s Florida summer home where we were led by docents through beautiful sprawling grounds, as they shared some amazing history with our children. Last night I was downloading all of my pictures to photobucket in preparation of blogging our memories and I couldn’t help but think of all the wonderful memories I’ve accumulated over the years through my support group.

Being a part of a support group has been one of the greatest time and financial investments I’ve ever made. As I look back over the past twelve years I am so thankful for the opportunity to plug into such a life-giving group. I still remember walking into my first meeting back in August of 1998. My son had been in the public school and that is where all of our friendships had been formed. I felt like I was starting over and there was a sense of excitement, but fear as well. I walked out of that meeting a different person. I had made new connections and I knew that everything was going to be okay. Our motto is that, “We’re Better Together” and boy that was so true on a very personal level for me.

Twelve years later and I have to admit that I am a bit biased about joining support groups because I happen to now be our support group leader. I am simply giving back what was given to me and I hope that if you have support groups in your area that you are actively a part of them. If you’re a veteran they need YOU and if your new you need them.

Perhaps you live in a very rural area and there are no support groups, that’s okay, that’s where CYBER GROUPS or parent forums come into play. There was a two year period that I could not participate in many of our local support group activities. My husband worked evenings and I had four children, two of which were in diapers. To go get milk felt like I had run a marathon. It was a season of pulling "in".

That was when I discovered the power of the internet like never before. I found a couple of cyber communities that quickly became part of my life, my family. Those moms were just as real to me as my local moms. Sometimes it was even easier to communicate because there no responsibility to be anywhere, do anything. I could just relax and be myself. Believe it or not those women are still my very close friends. I’ve watched their little ones grow up and vice versa.

Did you know that Time4Learning has an AMAZING cyber communities. There is a forum for everything. Here are just a few:

Members Chat on Using Time4Learning

Other Discussions

Home School Questions

Special Needs

State By State Homeschooling Parent Support.

It’s a support group at your fingertips and there is no membership dues! As I type this I am think of how close I’ve become with Jess and her family, Melissa and her crew, Deni who lives in another country and is homeschooling her precious son. (there is many more) We share our lives with each other and we believe that we’re “Better Together”! Won’t you come and join us.

How about you? Are you part of a local or cyber support group? Share with us your experience!

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