Friday, September 4, 2009

Tying Heart Strings With Our Children

Tying Strings is all about being purposeful in creating long lasting memories with our children. It’s the things we do that tie our hearts to our children and vice versa. One resource that has really helped me tie strings with my children is the book, “The Five Love Languages”. This book talks about how each of us has a special and unique love language all our own. It’s how we love others and how we receive love.

My alpha (17) and omega (7) children have the love language of “Affirming Words”. Though they love rewards and gifts, hugs and kisses, nothing fills their cup more than when my husband & I affirm them sincerely with our words. Since this is my love language as well, it works out GREAT! (wink) When I check their records (aka: backpack) each day or check their tests on Time4Learning I am careful to verbally affirm not just work, but their effort. Even a mistake can be a "tying strings" opportunity if done correctly.

My 13 year old son has the love language of “Gifts”. Ever since he was a little boy he has made or bought gifts to give to those he cares about. He would take his hard earned allowance and spend most of it buying gifts for his brothers, Grandma or even his dad and I. It might be trinkets from the $1 store, but they are treasures to me. When I suggest that he spend the money on himself his whole face seems to fall. To deny him the pleasure of giving gifts would be denying him the right to move and breath. He loves it! As I am writing this an idea popped into my brain to let him gift himself and his brothers as they complete each quarter of their time4learning assignments.

My 9 year old son has the love language of “Quality Time”. Ever since he was little he has followed me everywhere. Even waiting outside the bathroom, talking through the door.(grin) He loves to sit and have me read books aloud or go with me when I go to the store. I cherish our cuddle time. Though I don't sit with him everyday when does school, I do try to sit while he gets started and I always stay especially close while he's working on his lessons. I really should break down and purchase a laptop so I could work in other area's of my house not just where the computer sits. (smile)

We are very diligent in our home to know each others strength’s and to encourage one another in them. Even without the tests I knew these things about my children, myself and my husband, but the book helped us to become more purposeful. Knowing each other’s love language makes giving and receiving so much FUN, So Fulfilling!

It can be hard when life gets busy and the world around us seems crazy, but even in a storm we all pause in gratitude to appreciate how uniquely different, but wonderfully we’ve been created.

What love language do you and your children have? There is a FREE 30 second tests you can take to determine your own! Tell us about it! (Big Warm Smile)

30 Second Free Love Language Test

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