Tuesday, September 29, 2009

President Obama Proposes Longer School Days

“Students beware: The summer vacation you just enjoyed could be sharply curtailed if President Barack Obama gets his way. Obama says American kids spend too little time in school, putting them at a disadvantage with other students around the globe”...., http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090927/ap_on_re_us/us_more_school

Longer school days! Oh My! Did you see this topic yesterday? Everywhere I went on the web it was being discussed. Even on our Time4Learning forums. Homeschoolers were having strong thoughts and opinions. I wanted to bring it to our Time4Learning family and get your feedback.

It seems that this all started a few years ago by wanting to start mandatory school at an earlier age. I remember feeling very concerned as a mom to all sons. I found that when I tried to push reading, math, writing, with my boys, before they were ready, they had no more success than my younger sons who waited for readiness skills to be evident. As a matter of fact, the ones who waited actually read earlier because their little brains were more mature and able to absorb and hang onto the things they were learning!

Statistically speaking Singapore has the highest science and math scores in the WORLD, and they do not even start their children in school until age 7. Their statistics validate the importance of waiting on readiness. I did notice in the research it showed Asian countries who score higher and do better do not spend longer days, but they do take off less. In America we have 180 days dedicated to school and in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong they spend 190-201 days.

I noticed in this particular article they talk a lot about how this will help families who have to work long hours, and are unable to be home when their children get out of school. They state that longer school days will give these particular children a safe and productive environment for students who would normally have to come home to an empty house while parents worked. I can’t help but wonder then if this is the true reason to extend the school day?

As I read through this news article I couldn’t help but feel so very thankful that I am able to homeschool my children. Personally, I don’t mind schooling more days per year. (We school year round) However, I feel like the family unit is becoming less and less important as we allow others to educate our children. We begin to lose our influence and others begin to help our children form their opinions.

I love that we homeschoolers have the freedom to use curriculum of our choice, to plug into activities that uniquely meet the needs and strength’s of our children. I find myself concerned that longer school days means less of moms influence and more of others. It makes me wonder how this will effect our future generations?

I wonder if those who live in states that require you to homeschool a certain amount of hours will change their standards to line up with the public schools? It makes me wonder if kids will still be expected to come home and do homework if their days are extended? How will families be able to have quality time together?

As an educator what do YOU think of President Obama’s proposal? Do you see any Pro’s or Con’s to longer school days? Do you think it will have any effect on homeschooling?

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