Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swine Flu Alert! Flu Shots! Immunizations! Homeschooling?!

If you’ve been around homeschoolers for any length of time you know that there are all kinds of opinions regarding whether or not you should immunize your child. One thing I’ve personally observed is that homeschoolers are big into having the freedom to make their own decisions. We do not want anyone to tell us what we “have” to do. I don’t think our mindset is arrogant, it has more to do with having the freedom to think outside the box.

Every time I turn on my television set I hear about at least one new swine flu case. I know that here in my county alone, there have been at least 10 new cases. Recently we had a mom share about her fear of swine flu exposures on our Time4Learning forums and it got a LOT of great feedback.

The good news is that this particular flu has not caused more death’s than the regular strains, but it is pretty horrible for those unfortunate enough to contract this specific strain. The scary part is that it can be life threatening when it comes into contact with someone who has a compromised immune system.

In our home we have chosen “not” to do flu vaccines as of yet. The more I researched the less evidence I could find that it actually would keep us from getting the flu. As a matter of fact the one time we did try it (several years ago) was one of the few times that we did get sick. My background is in nursing and so I am certainly not anti-establishment. I love and believe in doctors and I think they play an important role in our families healthcare choices. However, my position is that they work for me and not the other way around.

As a homeschooler I love the FREEDOM that we each have to make our own decisions. If we were in school, I would have to not only have all my children immunized, but it would have to be on their timeline. Though I followed the directions with my oldest two we took a different approach with my younger boys and delayed immunizations until they were much older.

It’s still scary to see all the different diseases and disorders floating around. We are not exempt as homeschoolers, but I do believe that we lessen our chances of exposure. With all this media buzz taking place what are your thoughts? How have you chosen to keep your family safe?

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  1. As my daughter was severely premature and suffered from various respiratory conditions off and on so I always make sure she gets a flu shot. My husband also has severe asthma so he'll get one, as well. And as I am still working part-time at a pharmacy I probably will, too. Again, our choice and each family is different.


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