Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make School Easier

Okay I am all for making school easier how about you? We have used all kind of things to school with from Charlotte Mason approach to But I have to say that no matter how good or bad my day is going; oops did I say MY day, I ment OUR day is going in OUR school, that a printable worksheet can usually bring us back to one place OR better yet get a lesson done, make the teacher, me, happy and the kids happy cause they know that once they are done that is it, no more school for the day.

Do you use printable worksheets in your schooling? Do you just throw your hands up in the air some days and say forget it you can do a worksheet or two and we will call it quit! I pray I am not the only one who has done that. ((big smile)) I am human you know and being mom and teacher can be really hard at time. Who am I kidding it is hard all the time. But worth every minute.

Example of a worksheet day!

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