Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love it or Hate it = Testing?

The big "T" TESTING! Some  mom's LOVE testing time others HATE testing time.  Me I have that love/hate relationship w/ testing time. I love that I will know exactly where my kid is at the end of testing but I also hate thinking that I might have missed something when teaching them. 

Granted even the school systems screw up and miss stuff in teaching kids, so I should not worry about it so much. But I do. These are MY kids and they are MY responsibility to make sure they learn what is needed in life. Not always what is on a test, but the world wants test so we have to attempt to make the world happy too.

I love that in the state of Florida there are two different choices when you homechool and if you choose NOT to test you do not have to. But you do have to keep a portfolio to show your work for the year and how they have improved from the beginning, middle and end. There is more to it but that is the basics. 

Some families use homeschool standardized testing.  That has not been a good fit for us. We use a private tester but have also used portfolio evaluations. Love our evaluator she is very laid back. Makes Biggun feel very relaxed. But when we get to the SAT's we will most likely be doing some SAT writing tutoring to help get us through that since writing is NOT his favorite.

Would love to hear your thoughts, do you LOVE testing time or HATE testing time? 

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  1. Hate, hate, HATE!!! I have never felt that the yearly standardized tests required in NC adequately reflect what my kiddos know. Plus, my younger son always has text anxiety and that confuses things even further. I've yet to figure out how these tests help kids later in real life. UGH!!


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