Thursday, October 19, 2017

Homeschool Writing - What about apathy?

I just received the nicest email from Time4Writing. Not that it was a personal email but they seemed to really describe and understand my challenges:

Dealing with "Writer's Apathy?"

 Occasionally, you probably hear things along these lines from your child or teen:

How to Help a Child with Writer's Apathy
  • "Writing doesn't really matter, anyway." 
  • "Writing is boring." 
  • "I'm not good at writing, so why should I bother?" 

As a parent, you recognize that your child needs to be well-grounded in the basics of writing to have school and career success. Yet, you may be hard-pressed to convince your child of the importance of improving writing skills. How to Help a Child with Writer's Apathy

If you have a child who puts little to no effort into writing assignments or even balks when it's time to practice writing, this month's writing blog on   battling writer's apathy  will be a welcome read! No parent wants to have to cajole, coax, bribe, or nag their student into doing something as basic as becoming a good writer. Instead, help your child find his or her internal writing motivation with our helpful tips.

 Now I know some kids who have taken T4W homeschool writing courses and they all seem to say the same things: "Useful" - "Not too hard or awkward" and "really helped"etc. Basically, they get a chance to work with an experience writing teacher who gives them positive feedback on their interesting thoughts, use of language, and writing techniques. And helps them understand where better structure, clearer word choice, or a different sentence structure would work. Parents particularly like that someone else does the heavy lifting of giving feedback to their kids about writing.

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