Friday, October 13, 2017

Art & Beauty Everywhere

One of the opportunities in homeschooling is for parents to help their children see the art everywhere.  In nature, in people, in society, even in the jokers of decks of cards.

What? The beauty of jokers in the decks of cards? In fact, yes, Check it out. These jokers are from the best online joker collection.  I think collecting is a great way for kids to learn about the world. My generation and the generations before me learned about the world and history through stamp and coin collecting. We built organizational skills. We socialized and learned a little bit about commerce.  Today, that's much less interesting but I still think collecting has a role to play in education. Anybody out there with a homeschool collections website, community, or facebook group?

These next two jokers are by Peter Wood from his 2000Pips transformation deck.

Thats the highlight of the first 9 jokers in the art section. They are colorful and imaginative, some are abstract.

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