Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Fun Tip #3

Tip #3

Don't you hate getting stuck inside during the summer. Either it is TOO HOT 

or it is RAINING

Why not start lapbooking at the beginning of summer and add to it when it is either two hot, raining outside or your kids say I am bored!

A lap book can be based on one subject, multiple subjects or a book. Here are some examples of different lap books.

Lapbook on Fish - You can add items about fish in general, maybe get into more detail on your favorite fish. Share the difference in sharks, fish, dolphins etc.. Write a poem about fish. What is the biggest fish or what is the smallest fish.

Lapbook on Farm Life - You could add animals that are on the farm; how do they eat, how do they sleep; how do they grow. Maybe add a section on crops that can be grown on a farm. The different kinds of crops, what area they grow best in etc.. Then there is the farm equipment that is needed for both animals and crops. 

Lapbook on your favorite book - Share about the author, what their life is like, where do they live, what caused them to start writing books, Share about the time period that the book is written. Add a few booklets about each character or set of characters. 

There are so many ways to enjoy lap books. You can stretch them out all summer long. Just pull them out as you need something to do. 

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  1. Great ideas! I've been talking about lapbooking with the boys for a while...maybe these ideas are just what I need to get started! :)


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