Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Fun Tip #2

Summer Fun Tip #2.

How do you keep your kids from forgetting all that they learned through out the school year? Choose different fun ways to refresh their memory.  

  • Vocabulary Test - don't sound fun at all do they? What about when you are in the car bring along a dry erase board and though out a vocabulary word you had over the past school year and have the kids draw a picture of what the definition is.
  • Math Quiz Beach Style - When you are at the beach challenge your kids to answer math problems like 8x8 but write it in the sand and have them write their answer in the sand, too.
  • History Review - Choose a topic from your history and dress up and even make food from that time period. 
There are so many ways to review your school year and still have some fun. What are some of your ideas? 

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