Sunday, December 15, 2013

What animal is this?

What would you call this animal?

Cow right? 

We have a running joke in our house that the animal pictured above is a horse. I know that sounds strange, but it is a funny story. See when my sister was little and learning her animals, my dad thought it would be funny to tell her a cow was a horse and a horse was a cow. Our family would go on family drives on the weekends, cheap entertainment for a family of 5. My dad would always point out the cows and horses. This was all fun and games till my sister went to school and argued with her teacher over what each animals name was. She argued so much with the teacher she was sent to the office and my daddy had to go down to the school and explain the whole analogy to her. 

Now when we travel and see a cow or a horse I think of my daddy and his little joke. 

Now that I have children I see that little joke could cause issues. Teaching my oldest to spell those animal names has not always been easy.  Spelling cow was not an issue but horse he kept leaving off the e at the end. You would find the word horse on our spelling test online very often. 

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