Thursday, May 9, 2013

Writing and Tension in the Home

Writing can be one of the hardest subject to have sometimes. If you have a child who struggles then this can make it even harder to deal with.  I have one of those children. I have a child who struggles not only in writing, but also reading and spelling. He is wonderful with reading comprehension. That is a blessing in itself. There are so many ways to learn the correct way to write. I am not talking about the actual penmanship. Even though penmanship is a subject that is disappearing, it is always good for our children to know how to pen clearly and legibly as it is for them to know how to type. When I speak of writing I am talking about the words on the page. Our children have to use writing in their future endeavors.  Even if they are going to be a hands on kind of job. They still need to be able to write up proposal, notes to fellow employes, resumes, the list goes on and on.

With my own child, writing is a fight. He does not like to do it and will do what ever he can to get out of doing it. That is where a writing tutor can be very helpful. I love that I can find online writing homework help. Even though we homeschool my son can always use help with the assignment I have given. With my own child it is better to have an outside person, a writing tutor, correct him in this area then his own mom. These are the true reasons we homeschool. To be able to make our child's curriculum/schooling fit to their personality.

What do you do to help your child in the subject of writing.

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