Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teenagers and Summer

I just read a great post over at Let's Homeschool High School.  The title is ...

Staying Sharp This Summer – Three Creative Ideas for Teens

The author gives some great ideas for homeschool high school aged kids. These ideas would actually work for any type of teenager. In fact I think they would work for all agers. You could take the ideas in this post and use them as family activities. 

Other ideas for different age levels are... 

  • Creating your own preschool games
  • Choose a subject your child might have been struggling with and make your own board game. This is a great idea for US state games or biology. Subjects like that.
  • Write a children's book. Using your best grammar, (maybe even rhyming) spelling, punctuation and even your best art skills. 
Can you think of any more? Please share I know I am always looking for great ideas to keep my kids alert over the summer. 

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