Sunday, December 16, 2012

Creative Writing

Creative Writing can be fun and or frustrating for many kids and adults. My son has a great imagination. So does my daughter. My daughter is not old enough yet to write out essays or even write out stories. But my son is old enough!  He just does not like to write or even type. He can tell you the most creative story you will ever hear but to put it on paper that is a whole other story. 

We try our best to get his stories to paper. Sometimes we succeed and other times it is harder..  There are all kinds of items that make up a great essay/story. 

  1. It All Starts With Sentence Writing
  2. Developing a Thought Through Paragraph Writing
  3. Essay Writing and Making a  Case
  4. Holding it All Together: Grammar, Usage, and Writing Mechanics
  5. Creative Strategies of Writing Enhancement 

All of these items are needed work on creative writing and for SAT writing, too. 

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