Wednesday, July 18, 2012

That oh so hated subject!

Do you and your family have a tough subject? A subject that your argue over all the time? You know that one subject that your child is constantly begging you to not do. In our house it is writing. Any kind of writing!!!! Next is reading but to ask my son to write me a paragraph is like  torture to him. Some days if you stood outside my door you would think I was hanging my son by his toe nails. 

What is it about writing? My son is very creative.  He loves to tell stories and share his hopes and dreams, but the moment you ask him to write it down he falls apart and the fight starts. I am always looking for creative writing helps. I have tried story liners, write about your day, oh how about we write our own book. So far my 13 year old nothing has worked. I am still on the hunt for the right homeschool resource or anything. Because he is behind on his reading level it is hard to assume he can handle some programs when he might not be able to keep up the classes. 

Any ideas on creative writing for a child who fights the whole time and is behind on his reading skills, I am all for any suggestions. 

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