Thursday, March 22, 2012

ABC's of Homeschooling - V

Normally I write a post on the ABC's of Homeschooling over at my other blog Five in Training For HIM. But today I thought I would try writing it over here. Hope ya'll don't mind. Yes I am from the south and Ya'll is very common in my vocabulary. Just go with it.

This weeks letter for the ABC's of Homeschooling is the letter "V" of first thing that came to my mind right now in my world of teaching reading and letters is Vowels.  There are so many things you can do with vowels.  We have played with the short vowel sound games  online.  We have play matching games with vowel/letter cards. We have used magnet on the fridge. Oh my kids favorite was when we used rocks with the letters written on them to spell things out.

Some times we will only use mostly vowels and very few letters to see how many words we can use. My oldest loves making word search games.

For the letter V this week I say Vowels are very important in every day life and how we teach our kids about them is even more important.

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