Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reviewing Using Games Online

Growing up I had the hardest time learning which word to use in certain sentences.  Words like your and you're or what about affect and effect. Sometimes I still have trouble. Usually it is with homophones.  You know those words that are pronounced the same, they have different meanings. Like to, too and two and the other words I already mentioned. I never had trouble putting the number two where it was supposed to go but the to and too, now that was a different story.

I don't want that to happen to my son.  Every so often I have him refresh his memory and work on homophone games.

So far he has been doing pretty good. He still has trouble with a few words but I can tell you keeping his mind sharp with games does help.

I know my 12 year old is a good ways away from SAT's but he also plays SAT games, too. That way we are keeping ahead of things. He has been doing good with Level 1 games.

I love how we can review in a fun way by using games online. How do you review?

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