Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quality Time Verses Quantity Time?

I don't know about you, but I feel as though I wake up, my feet hit the ground and I am going, going, going until I fall into bed at night. Life is WONDERFUL and I wouldn't change one single thing, but it's fast paced and goes by too quickly. Anyone else ever feel this way? (understanding smile) We blink and our children are all grown up. I don't want to miss one moment.

I remember a few years ago there was a big movement that had psychologists saying that "quality" was better than "quantity" time. As a mom of four children 1st through 12th grade I've come to find that they need BOTH!

I have found that it's easy to take for granted one or the other. Because I am home all the time I can pacify myself with the fact that my children get to be with my all the time. (Quantity Time) But then If all they see is the back of my head while I spend time on the computer what good is that? On the other hand, when I worked full time I remember scheduling a Chuckee Cheese date or park day (Quality Time) with the kids and after we'd get home I'd let them watch television while mom caught up on the laundry, chores and grocery shopping. It's so easy to lean one way or the other. However, I really want to get it right because what I do today is the memories they will have tomorrow.

I have to be very purposeful about my "Quality" time. It is so easy to take for granted my little ones gathered around during the day. If not careful I can let them do school and play with one another while I spend all my time on the phone or computer. Now there is nothing wrong with computer or phone time in balance, but in excess all they'll remember is the back of mama's head. I want to take time to sit and watch shows or play games with them.

Some tips I've found to make sure that I have "Balance" are:

1) Reading one chapter a day out of a good book with my kids snuggled up next to me.

2) Working one-on-one with one child while the others are working on their Time4learning lessons.

3) Doing a mini unit study on something we've learned from Time4Learning or a book we've read.

3- Sitting around the dinner table at night no matter how much easier it would be to sit around the t.v. or at a bar.

4- Picking one night a week for game night and another for a movie night.

5- Choosing one day to go to the park just as a family.

How about you? Do you tend to be stronger in Quality or Quantity time and what helps you find balance?

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  1. Wow great article, very convicting. My kids have been seeing the "back of my head" to much lately, time to revaluate....



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