Friday, January 8, 2010

"Worldview..., Christian, Jewish, Secular, Pagan?"

Okay, so Wednesday we talked about your educational philosophy and today we are going to talk about your worldview. Thinking back I probably should have started with the worldview article as this will often help us dictate what our educational philosophy is going to be.

What is a "World View"? A worldview is your "Moral Compass". It's how we view the world around us. Your worldview often dictates your educational choices, your political choices, your personal choices, even your medical choices.

A Christian Worldview
A Christian Worldview believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. They hold steadfast to the belief that nothing can happen without the Lords permission. (Lamentation 3:37) So this means history/science/your past/your present/your future is all intertwined with your christian belief system.

A Jewish Worldview
A Jewish Worldview believes in the Old Testament teachings. A very dear friend of mine is a Messianic Jew and as she has shared the traditions of her Jewish faith it makes me weep. It is so beautiful. A Jewish Worldview oftentimes holds very closely with Judeo-christian principles. Many Jewish homeschoolers pass down their beautiful religious traditions to their children.

A Secular Worldview
A Secular Worldview does not necessarily mean that a person does not believe in God. (Though it could) A person with a secular worldview sees God as a separate part of a big picture. I have a friend who is a christian, but firmly believes in educating her children without any religion and teaching bible separately so that her children can make the connections themselves.

A Pagan Worldview
A Pagan Worldview oftentimes represents those who believe in Gods or Goddesses separate from the Judeo-Christian beliefs. They are not Atheists as they do have a belief system, but it's oftentimes different than the mainstream. In our county we have a Secular homeschool Support Group and we have Pagan homeschoolers.

So what are my thoughts? This is the heart of why I homeschool. I love that "I" get to teach and pass down to my children my strong belief system. I don't want a school system, a government or another family to dictate what we teach and what we learn. No matter what our "Worldview", homeschooling fosters an ability to pass down our beliefs like no other. I am thankful for this Free country of ours. We are blessed!

How does this line up with Time4Learning? I love that Time4Learning is so flexible that any worldview can use it as their curriculum. As a Christian homeschooler we use it for math and language arts and it's flexible enough that it allows me to use something different for science and history that lines up with my worldview. I have friends who use it for EVERYTHING! With Time4Learning you get to be in the drivers seat. (smile)

So..., What is your Worldview?

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