Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Homeschooler's Vocabulary List

Like medicine, firefighting, stamp collecting, or auto mechanics, homeschooling has its own lingo. Here is a handy introduction to some common terms.

School - For a homeschooler, "school" is an activity instead of an object. Traditionally educated students "go to" school. Homeschoolers "do" school, as in, "Mom, can I ride my bike after I Doschool?"

Lunch Money - Change that collects beneath the sofa cushions. If you find enough of it, your mother might take you for burgers.

Curriculum - Anything a student uses to Doschool.

Teacher - A homeschooled student might use this term to refer to his Sunday School teacher, Scout leader, coach, music instructor, camp counselor, or an animated cartoon character in his online lessons.

Classroom - The world, and all that is in it.

Pop Quiz - What strangers feel compelled to give children when they find out they're homeschooled.

Recess - A little dent in something.

Home Ec - Mom's excuse to make you cook dinner.

Socialization - A word guaranteed to break the ice during any homeschool gathering.

Homework - The worksheets you didn't finish before lunch.

School Clothes - Any garment that passes the sniff test.

Oral report - "Look, Mom . . . no cavities!"

Try this site for some seriously fun vocabulary practice.

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