Monday, July 20, 2009

What does "Vocabulary" mean?

My state requires home schooled children to be tested periodically. Looking at the results of my third grader's standardized test, I commented, “You did very well in everything except Vocabulary. I guess we’d better do a little extra vocabulary work this year.” His response? “Okay, Mom. But . . . what does “vocabulary” mean?”

That son will graduate from our homeschool high school this year with an impressive vocabulary, but it took some work. I almost feel I should apologize for some of the boring vocabulary workbooks I made him wade through. I wish I'd had access to the vocabulary game site my younger children are using. I noticed early on that my kids are more likely to remember what they've learned if they have a little fun doing it.

Try The Slang Game! For as frequently as it's used, slang isn't given enough attention in most language arts programs. Hangmouse is a hit at our house, too.

free vocabulary games

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