Monday, June 22, 2009

Several Kids, One Computer

Can you use an online curriculum for several children if the whole family shares one computer? Sure you can, with a little planning!

Even if they use an online curriculum for the core subjects, most homeschooling families will include offline activities, too. Penmanship, arts and crafts, journaling, sports practice, music lessons, and Scouting activities all have their place in a child's school day. One student can be scheduled to work on the computer while another completes an art project and a third practices penmanship.

Don't let the word "schedule" cause alarm! A schedule can be as rigid or as flexible as you need it to be. I use a simple grid, with each family member's name noted across the top and times of day listed on the left. There's no need to schedule every minute of every day. By filling in just the most important details, I can see where each person is supposed to be at any given time, all on one page.

This kind of loose planning was essential when we had four children sharing one computer. Other shared belongings that have appeared on our schedule are the piano, a DVD player, and a microscope. Our family is fortunate to have had a computer for everyone in recent years but, with only one full bathroom, we still have to schedule our showers!

Sample Schedule

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